Krasnoyarsk Regional Innovative Cluster “Yenisei”

Картинки по запросу инновационный кластер г железногорск


59 organisations


Specialisation areas:

  • Spent nuclear fuel management, nuclear fuel cycle closure
  • Satellite engineering
  • Information technology
  • Additive technology
  • New materials
  • Smart energy
  • Active pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical substances
  • Technical vision: a product line for unmanned air, land and sea vehicles; industrial and educational robotics
  • Multifunctional integrated information and communication systems for use in extreme climatic conditions
  • Robotic systems and educational robotics, including local navigation systems, distribution drive control systems, data exchange systems, smart drives with amplifiers, sensory environment



Cluster organisation:

Economic Cooperation Association “Innovative Technological Cluster” of the Zheleznogorsk Restricted Administrative Area


Evgeniy Titov

General Director

Phone: +7 (905) 976-07-80